I’m vegan again. Ish.

My pattern of not posting when I don’t even vegan was never supposed to turn into a 2 month hiatus, but here we are.

The reason for this is a pleasant combination of work hell, illness and traveling. I travel to LA for work every several weeks and this usually involves breakfasts, lunches and dinners with customers, which are rarely (i.e. never) vegan. But on this trip I decided it was time to break it to a few of them that I’d become a wanna be vegan. The responses ranged from one telling me I was insane (as we were eating at Forma, “Restaurant and Cheese Bar”) to another telling me that if I really cared about my health I would be giving up gluten as well and suggested some reading on the topic.

The next week, I got sick. And what am I supposed to do, buy vegetables and drink juice so I get un-sick?? Yes! Did that happen? Of course not! I ate grilled cheese and other bread items with cheese melted on it that someone else made and I ordered in. For about 2 weeks. But it was okay that I wasn’t eating vegan because I was sick. Well, not only did this not help me get better, it made me worse. I ended up flying to California, cancelling half my meetings and going to a sketch ass clinic in Santa Monica alone. I traveled a thousand miles to find out I have mono. Fucking. Mono. I got some shots and headed back to Austin, then to Dallas for the weekend. I was finally healed, but in a new city (this means new restaurants), so I pushed off the vegan again.

Two weeks later and it’s ACL (we’ll ignore the uneventful 2 weeks were I just didn’t eat vegan for no reason except I didn’t want to). You can’t eat vegan at ACL! Turns out there’s actually a lot of vegan options at ACL, but after drinking all day outside you just want pizza. Or gyros. Or chocolate chip cookies. Or NACHOS COVERED WITH BRISKET.

I just got really sad for all the brisket nachos I won’t be eating.
…….Until ACL next year.

The day after ACL I went to Chicago with boyfriend. When it’s raining the entire time in Chicago, there isn’t much to do besides go to museums and eat. I somehow ate more cannolis in 4 days than I have in 25 years, but it was also because when I got back to Austin I was going to be vegan again, dammit!

Shoot, I forgot that the Sunday after the trip it was our anniversary. We’re not going to celebrate our first year together by eating vegan; we’re going to celebrate it by Favoring migas covered in queso and going to dinner at Uchi.

Here’s a gratuitous pic of me + boyfriend. I already shared it on social media but just realized I don’t have a single picture of a human on this blog.

But it’s fiiiine, I’ll start being vegan again Monday.

Kind of. It started out with me leaving my vegan breakfast at home and having to eat out of the office kitchen, so it became a vegetarian day. Come to think of it, every day this week has turned into a vegetarian day. Which is still serious progress over the last 2 months.

Plus today I’ve eaten FULLY VEGAN. And it’s been really sad. I’ve only had a vegan breakfast bar, oatmeal, coffee without creamer and a protein shake. So I’m going to reward myself with Popeyes. PEACE

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