Go ahead and scrap everything you’ve read so far.

I need a do over. I haven’t taken this whole ‘eating vegan’ thing as seriously as I should have. But it’s difficult because I have no hardcore incentive to be vegan. I don’t have a medical need to avoid animal products, although I used to be allergic to eggs and severely lactose intolerant. I should’ve totally taken this as a sign long ago, but over time have convinced myself that I conditioned my body to just accept it. However, this has allowed me to realize how much better I feel when I avoid these, but you know that asinine saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?” Yeah, everyone knows it’s complete bullshit because everything tastes way better than not feeling shitty. It’s so hard to think “if I order a salad instead of a burger I won’t need a nap and won’t be slowly clogging my arteries” because burgers are GOOD. There’s a reason a crazy number of Americans are obese. Because it tastes so good.

Health aside, I do feel bad about the other fact I tend to ignore: I’m not really doing it for the animals. I do care about the animals, but have a hard time acknowledging that the bacon I eat is actually a dead pig. Bacon. Is a dead. Pig. Is this not enough? Apparently not. It also doesn’t help that bacon tastes really fuggin’ good. Most people wish that we didn’t have to kill animals to eat, but majority of us still just think that once a year and continue eating meat anyway. It’s hard. I get it. I live it. Bacon.

Seeing as I kinda just jumped into this, I’m starting over with some ground rules and a newfound commitment.

Rule #1
I will still eat free food even if it’s not vegan, 99% of the time. This is just something I’ve realized I’m way too cheap to give up. Eventually I’m going to get to a point where I consistently meal prep and can avoid it mostly, but as of now, spending money when free food is there seems dumb.

Rule #2
I will eat vegetarian, 99% of the time. Typically when free food is offered, there is a way to eat vegetarian. I can also find something I like when I don’t have a choice in the restaurant location that’s vegetarian. Or pescetarian.

Rule #3
I will not eat dairy and meat in the same meal, 99% of the time. I say this because I’ve grown pretty accustomed to veggie burgers and can always get cheese pizza. Or something pescetarian. This is a pretty solid rule of thumb as I slowly turn vegan, if I do say so myself.

Rule #4
I will not eat vegetarian or vegan when trying new restaurants. This has nothing to do with becoming vegan and everything to do with living life and being happy. I want to be healthy and cut down on carbon emissions and save animals, blah blah blah, but also enjoy my years here? I live in Austin and travel to LA for work, so there will always be somewhere new to experience. Also, if I ever go back to Italy I will be eating all the bread and cheese. Because Italy.

2 thoughts on “Go ahead and scrap everything you’ve read so far.

  1. It’s great that you’re giving yourself these rules so that goals seem more realistic for you.

    If you’re having trouble connecting the food with animals then have you thought about watching Earthlings? I’m sure that’ll help if you haven’t watched it already 💚


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