Am I too lazy to be vegan?

Today. Was lazy.

I went to bed last night at 11:30. I don’t have to be at work until 10. This means I got roughly 9.5 hours of sleep. Nine and a half hours. And I woke up so. lazy. The smoothies I decided would be my go to breakfast already had a good amount of laziness baked right in, yet it was too much work today. Apparently after using the blender for the pasta sauce last night, I was mentally against having to clean it again only 12 hours later. So this was really about principle and not at all about laziness.

I decided to get my usual smoothie from Daily Juice, but left too late to make it to work in time, so I ended up at a Juiceland closer to my house. I’ve never had it before, but for some reason I only associate Juiceland with wheatgrass shots. I’ve never taken a wheatgrass shot, let alone seen one in person, but this is still all Juiceland means to me. I have several friends that are obsessed with it, but still, Juiceland = wheatgrass. Am I rambling? I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in, except apparently a cardboard cutout of wheatgrass, but was instead greeted by employees who definitely disagree with their fathers politically. Super nice, but super wheatgrassy.

Anyway, I walked out with a fantastic banana, peanut butter + spinach smoothie and am determined to return for their vegan gyros. The employees were awesome, the line was short (because the service was fast) AND they were cheaper than Daily Juice. Does this morning get any better? Fuck yeah it does, because it started raining! I love working in the rain. Doing anything inside while it rains outside is magical. So once at work, I’m in a groove sippin’ my smoothie and making some presentations, then come to find out lunch today is Chi’lantro. Remember the non-vegan meal I had with boyfriend’s parents? That I didn’t like? Yep. Ruined muh groove. But I’m trying to strike a balance between being totally cynical towards cutting out my favorite foods and being positive at how eating better will make me feel, so I go for it. Also it’s free food.

And it was so good! I had tacos with rice, black beans, corn, lettuce, cilantro, onions and magic sauce. This is where I failed. The freaking magic sauce. Look at it. It’s not vegan at all. But who knew the same meal sans meat would be so much better?? WIN FOR TODAY.


Then the end of the day came. I actually bought ingredients yesterday with Instacart for dinner tonight, but of all things, I bought stuff to make burrito bowls. Basically the same damn thing I’d just eaten for lunch. So I ended up driving thru P. Terry’s to try their veggie burger. I would not eat this again unless it was forced upon me. It wasn’t terrible, but definitely didn’t satisfy a burger craving like Hopdoddy and Alamo did. Plus, a bean fell out of the patty mid-bite.


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